Some interesting facts about Anushka Sharma…have a look!!

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“My favorite co-star is Katrina Kaif Katrina as she is the easiest person in the industry to work with”, Anushka Sharma said.It was not easy for Anushka Sharma to make place in Bollywood even without any Godfather in the film industry. Anushka Sharma has got the Bollywood film industry all figured out in just few years into the industry.  She has always impressed the audiences with every film. Here are some interesting things which you always wanted to know, have been recently revealed by Anushka Sharma in an interview-

Anushka Sharma always thought that she was unattractive, when she was in school. As she never got any male attention, while most of her girl friends got cards, flowers and gifts from guys.

She prepared really hard for her first film, ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. She wanted to prove people wrong who discourage Aditya Chopra from casting her. She read the entire script every day for months.

She also said that she was badly cried when lost her Filmfare Debut award to Asin because she had more efforts and expecting to get Filmfare award.

She revealed that Katrina is the easiest person in the industry to work with. That’s why; her favorite co-star is Katrina Kaif.

Anushka Sharma says she takes life as it comes without making plan for life. She likes to follow intuitions and her intuitions are always right!!
She never wanted to get into films. She was capricious about even auditioning for roles.

She told London is her favorite travel destination. She has quite a many favorite places to visit in and around London.

During the travelling abroad she visits the pharmacies and buys different kinds of band aids that you don’t get in India!!!

She said, “In this industry if you are doing well, everybody is your friend, everybody wants to talk to you and everybody wants to invite you to parties. But if you are not doing well, they all vanish. Koi apna nahi hai”.


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