10 such Bollywood stars that lost plot when it came to media interactions!!!!

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As we know that media has the power to make or break the star’s image publically, that’s why usually bollywood actors and actresses are behave gently, when they come out to interact with media. They try to answer affably when they deal with the questions from reporters, to the point of even sounding boring. But sometimes the questions get so irritating that the actor is question takes his annoyance on the reporters.Shah rukh Khan 
If the question gets too personal, usually the friendly SRK can lose his cool. During the promotions of “Chennai Express”, SRK was visibly angered, when one reporter asked him about the surrogacy issue during Abram’s birth. Although his reply was calm, and he commanded the press to focus on the movie and not other issues!

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka gets annoyed when she is asked any question related to her friendship with Shah Rukh Khan. So when a reporter asked her about SRK’s comments about ‘Muslims being unsafe’, she lashed out against the reporter for not knowing the real facts, and even teaching him his job!s

Rani Mukherji
After being a Chopra bahu, Rani Mukherji behaved totally weird when she interacts with reporters. In an interview she behaves bluntly with a reporter only because he said ‘Mardaani kaafi achchi’.  Don’t think so “Kaafi” is a degrading term.

Salman Khan 
Salman Khan shares a love-hate relationship with media. Remember the time when he actually beat some of them during one of his court trials? But sometimes, he likes to totally snub them, like in the above video, where he was asked a question he didn’t like (and we agree!), he asked the mike to be taken away from that journalist and also did an impromptu dance jig!

Deepika Padukon
Deepika got angry, during the Finding Fanny promotions, when a female reporter said it was a really petty thing to react, Deepika’s fury hath no boundaries! She was supported in her tirade by her co-star Arjun Kapoor.

Kareena Kapoor Khan
Usually charming Kareena got irritated during the promotions of “Gori Tere Pyaar Mein” when a reporter asked about Saif Ali Khan! She evens asked him to come on stage; while Imran Khan quipped he should get the best reporter award!

Saif Ali Khan
During the press conference for “Bullett Raja” in New Delhi, Saif Ali Khan was super-pissed with the reports that were almost digging the mikes on his face. He even said that he will never do another press conference!

Sonam Kapoor
Her expression was totally priceless! When a reporter asked her about what’s the secret behind her ‘sparkly’ body. And also she looked amazed when another reporter asked her whether she hiked her remuneration. She then asked female reporters to ask questions, as their male colleagues were clearly making her uncomfortable!


Hrithik Roshan
We never expect him to do violence and abusing!! But this unfortunate incident did happen when media followed him and his family during a Shirdi trip, before his divorce. Then Hrithik Roshan does get irritated and angry at a few irritating questions of media.

Parineeti Chopra
She looked amazed and got angry when a reporter asked a really silly question about woman’s menstrual cycle to Parineeti Chopra!! The response he got totally deserved!


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