The first major attack on the Apple App Store, Here’s what’s the matter??

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There is the largest virus attack on America’s largest computer company, Apple’s App Store.
According to the company, XcodeGhost named malicious software has been found in several popular applications of iPhone and iPad, in China . Although the Apple team has been working hard with alertness to the removal of this virus.

Earlier, several cyber security firms reported for this XcodeGhost named malware. Was told that hundreds of these viruses have been found in the app, which is believed to be the first Virus attack on Apple’s App Store, so the case was registered.

What Apple Says 
The company says that hackers reconciled legitimate software developers to create iOS and Mac apps by using fake versions of Apple’s special software.

Being told that Xcode is the name of Apple’s this particular software.

Apple spokeswoman Kristin Monagn said, “we are working with developers to ensure that they have to use the correct version of Xcode to recreate their App”.

According to researchers in the affected app Tencent Holdings Ltd’s popular mobile chat app ‘We Chat’, car Hayling App and Internet portals Net Is Inc.’s  Music app are included.

‘344 Apps are affected by this XcodeGhost virus’, China Security Agency Qihoo360 Technologies Co. reported on his blog. Although Apple has not yet revealed that in how much Apps the virus has been found.

According to Apple spokesperson now these Apps has been removed from the app store.


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