Some useful tips to keep your Wi-Fi connect Secure and Fast

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people don’t ado with the Wi-Fi router, it’s typically set up by IT guy or the
service provider and its remnant in that state for the usable life.
You can fix several issues like to add features to the Wi-Fi setup, low
coverage and stop people from stealing your Wi-Fi very easily.


Ø Get the router placement right
If you have difficulty
with your Wi-Fi coverage in home, then it is because of where your router is
kept. The range of most home routers is around 100 feet.
Ideally, the Wi-Fi router should place in the central location as away from mirrors,
walls and other electrical equipments. The router signals are omni-directional,
as they travel in every direction. That’s why, placing it centrally will increase
the coverage throughout the home.
As the Wi-Fi
signals travel downwards, so make sure that the router is placed in a high
position. We suggested placing it at 3/4th the height of the room.
Ø Buy
larger antennas
The default
antenna on the router is not necessary that the best one available. Many
manufacturers cut charges by using the low-priced available antennas on their
routers. But you can easily switch the default antenna on routers with enhanced
versions. As they can be screwed off by hand, so antennas can be easily

Ø Adjust
router software
Most people
never bother to know the tweaks and settings available in the router software
interface. As some routers come with the settings for adjusting TX power (transmission
power). And to improve your Wi-Fi signals, you can also switch from a default
wireless broadcast channel to another channel.
Most routers work on a default channel — if there are too many routers around
using the same broadcast channel, it leads to drop in performance due to
To find the
one that shows improved performance, you should go to the router software settings
and switch between several channels and then use that channel.
Ø Protect
your Wi-Fi from intruders
This is a
complex one. Probably, you gave out the Wi-Fi password to a few friends or
maybe your neighbor figured out the password and is using your Wi-Fi internet data
without your permission.
You have to lock it down because it is a potential security hazard. Getting the
Wireless Network Watcher is the simplest way to do this- a free software
program which can scan the Wi-Fi you are connected to. It has the advantage
that it when anyone wants to connect your Wi-Fi, then it will show the list of
all devices which are currently connected, with their MAC address, IP address
and many more details.



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