What will get India from Google, Microsoft & Apple

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San Hose (California). In Silicon Valley in the US, Narendra Modi, met with the CEOs of the world’s biggest tech companies. After the meeting, top tech companies announced to invest in India and to increase the benefits. In this connection, Google will provide free Wi-Fi at 400 railway stations in India. Initially, 100 stations will start from where daily million people go through, i.e million passengers can connect directly to the Internet. Google said that the quality of Wi-Fi will be such that the passengers will be able to download HD video, books and games smoothly.


At India’s railway stations, the facility of Wi-Fi will be free at the beginning. But will be charged later, so this facility can also provide on other stations together with partners such as the Railtel. Moreover, Google will facilitate typing for Android phones in 10 Indian languages.


CEO Satya Nadella announced today that the company will connect five lakhs villages of India, with affordable broadband technology through which government’s e-governance and m-governance (mobile governance) will push. Also, Microsoft announced that it will soon launch a cloud data center in India.


Chairman Paul Jacobs has announced that it will create the India Venture Fund for the investment of Rs 1,000 crore. This amount will give to start-up companies. Qualcomm will support start- ups in India for financial, marketing, technology and business. Moreover, Qualcomm will build Innovation Lab in Bangalore.


CEO Tim Cook announced that the manufacturing plant will launch in India. Linking of the mobile payments platform ‘Apple-pay’ with the public – funding scheme (Jan-Dhan Yojna) was also discussed.


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