Webtoon: The Evolution of Digital Comics

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What Is A Webtoon?

Site + Cartoon = Webtoon

Webtoons are two-dimensional outlines accessible online that can even be enlivened. They are not recordings yet are something other than funnies. The most recent inventive computerized type of amusement that will before long be the discussion of the century is the comics.

Movies and shows based on comic books are undoubtedly popular. Marvel and DC have raked billions from the big screen revenues. Even shows based on Japanese manga have also become phenomenal. This proves that the influence of comics remains.

Even if we no longer read comic books, they still have a huge impact until now. Movies and shows were patterned after these comic books. If reading comic books and watching movies or shows based on these books excite you, try reading comics.

Evolution of Digital Comics: Webtoons

They would make you feel as if you are reading an actual comic book, but you are doing so using your computer or mobile devices. You can read the content wherever you go, even if you are online or offline.


It is better than reading from an actual comic book since you can hit the sound effects button or see sharper images. However, you are not actually watching a video.

This experience is something that you might not have tried before and could be interesting for you. It was just in 2014 when webtoons were globally launched, but a lot of people have already become hooked.

The total number of accumulated views over the years has now reached over 30 billion. This figure could double or even triple in number in just a few years. Webtoons also appeal to both younger and older readers.

If you are interested to see how webtoons became popular and why they will remain popular in the years to come, check the infographic below and find the answers.


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