Mobile Apps: 4 Point Of Success to Your eCommerce Business

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Customized Mobile apps is not an addition but have become a prerequisite for online business owners. Having a website that is mobile responsive is no more enough to stay ahead and outpace competitors. Every retailer is pushed to the compulsion of developing a mobile app either from scratch or to adopt a customized mobile app builder based on the online platform they have incorporated.

Retailers strongly believe that an online shopping kiosk that does not own a personalized mobile app will get paralyzed in this cut-throat competition. According to Think with Google, 92% of those who made a product search through a mob app ended up in a definitely related purchase.

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According to a survey by Nectafy, almost 88% of customers searching for a product from their mobile reach out and make an attempt to purchase it within 24 hours. A mob app makes decision-making easy for customers.

This is enough proof that mobile apps have emerged as an inevitable part of online businesses.  Again, retailers found that when customers tend to search products through their mobile app, they tend to add more of the products into the shopping cart when compared to conventional websites. So mobile apps lead to bigger carts, bigger chances of purchases, and a bigger customer base!

What do you think customers are looking for on a mobile app?

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Shopping with ease! Yes, that’s right. Customers want everything in just a click. This ease of use coupled with attractive discounts, gift coupons results in satisfied customers. The option to choose amongst payment modes, a multitude of delivery options all add towards the increase in the use of the mobile app and hence an increase in prospective product sales.

Why are people inclined towards mobile apps?

Getting the tedious task of shopping all your needs from the palm of your hand indeed attracts customers. The sharp increase in the use of smartphones has eased access to mobile apps. The reliable and secured payment methods with augmentation of the retail space have revived the mindset of people to try newer approaches resulting in the preference over usage of mobile apps.

How is the customer benefited through a mobile app? 

  • The luxury to finish your shopping from the comfort of your home comes in the mind first. You are saved from looking for your requirements from store-to-store. Simply search your product on the app, view the results, click and buy. In a snap!
  • Mobile apps provide secure and reliable payment gateways, so you are saved from the trouble of carrying hard cash with you. You could transfer money online or through the mobile. Mobile apps also have the digital wallet feature which further eases the payment process.
  • The comparative analysis is exhaustive in online apps. You could simply compare the features, prices, and nature of different products on a single screen. Could you even think about doing this in a physical store?
  • Customized mobile app development for retailers enables a better connection in between the retailer and the customer. This is not only beneficial for the retailer to expand his business but also for the customer to understand the retailer better. This, in particular, contributes towards establishing a trust factor between the seller and buyer which is very important.

The study says that the revenue generated through mobile apps in the e-commerce space is going to reach a whopping $669 billion in 2018.

With all this and much in-store, mobile apps are dramatically going to permeate through the retail space generating better outcomes. SO having mobile apps for your eCommerce business is a great plus in terms of increasing ROI & Engagement along with sales. Check out our other creation the Benefits of Educational Apps.

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