How to setup custom domain on blogger with Godaddy?

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If you are facing the problem in changing your old blog URL, then pay some attention on our blog below.

It is essential to create your own blog URL in order to custom domain setup on blogger. (For example- from to You assign an IP address or a CNAME record for the domain whenever you purchase a domain from You have to change these records to point to your blog.  So if you want to change the A and CNAME records of your Godaddy account then come to our bellow post. Here you will find the stepwise solution to solve your problem-




Follow the steps given below-

First of all login to your Godaddy account and click on the My Account tab.

Now you will see a screen and there under the Domains, you can find a list of your domain names. Now select a domain name and click on the advance details, then you will be directed to the Domain manager page.

Now on the Domain manager page, you will see a heading DNS Manager. Under this section, you will see the configuration of the domain. Here you can edit the configuration of your domain by clicking the Launch tab.

By clicking the Launch link, you will be directed to a page, where you will get A (Host) tab. Now to change the A record, enter four IP addresses by the Quick add button as below-

Now you are in the box of CNAME (alias), just click on the Quick add button, otherwise click on the pencil icon next to the existing CNAME record.

If you have done the process of adding records, then to save your edited configuration click on save changes.

Now you can enter only the sub- domain of your blog address for the Name. For example, if you selected your blog address as then enter only its sub-domain here as www.

So this was the solution of how you can change the existing domain IP address that now points to your Blogger IP address. After this process, you have to wait for few hours for changes to take effect in your IP records. Now by the changing in your domain name, you can leave your old blog URL.


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