Facebook… Special Feature Coming…!!!

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Now, You will get breaking news on Facebook
Soon you will be able to read the breaking news on Facebook. For this, the site is bringing an app. According to a media report, the name of the app will be “Notified” and if everything will be fine, then it will be launched until October.
Through all media reports, the app users can save their favorite news in one place. To which the Company’s news channels and newspapers will issue notifications from Facebook’s side.These notifications will be similar to a mega-tweet, which will redirect users to the website of the media channels and newspapers. The app will allow users to subscribe to various institutions.
Once subscribing, the information about new stories and other activities from the institutions will be available on mobile phones.
Facebook wants to increase the number of its users, through this app
In addition, it’s just not being a social networking site, it is trying to spread its business to other areas


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