Now facebook is providing more traffic for news sites; than Google

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According to the latest results, now you can get more traffic on your news site through Facebook as compared to Google. Having a news site, it is more essential to get traffic on that. So now you can do it by share your link on Facebook, which is a crucial source of incoming traffic.

Fortune magazine quoted Parse.Ly’s chief technical officer Andrew Montalenti said that “according to the company’s latest estimates Facebook accounted 43 percent of the traffic for media sites, while Google accounted for just 38 percent”.

He also said that, “This is not the first time that Facebook has defeat Google in the traffic-referral race”.

It is clear that, with Google, search has hit a kind of stage and is not really growing any more as a referral source for media. “Facebook is more like a black box in terms of how it operates. And yet it’s this huge and growing traffic source,” he said.



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