Google-Twitter deal on search moves to desktop

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Now Google is going to integrating tweets into desktop search results. This Friday, Google and Twitter had been announced their partnership, placing tweets in online search results, which has been extended to the desktop now. This Confirmation came in a tweeted exchange between the two US tech firms.

Initially in May, these two firms agreed to place tweets in Google mobile search results, and at a later time that the same would apply to desktop.

This closure will help advance engagement at Twitter, which has seen growth stumble as compared with other social networks. This deal will surely more beneficial for both of them. It also brings fresh content and commentary from Twitter to Google search queries.

When the deal was announced in May, Google’s Ardan Arac said that “It’s a great way to get real-time information when something is happening”.

In a recent update at Friday, Arac said, “Now we have extended this to desktop also, and in English everywhere.”


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