27th Update in Google search algorithm as Panda 4.2….Overview!!

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Every year we get slight changes in search algorithms of Google. Once again Google is implementing some change in their search algorithm updates like Panda or Penguin which have an important impact on search results. To give the best results according to the search queries of users, Google make updates with guiding principles and particular goal.

Now we are introducing some of the basic updates with Panda 4.2-

According to the Google representatives, actually Panda 4.2 is not an algorithm. It is an algorithm refresh. Consequently, all the previous Panda updates are still applicable.Google representatives made clear that Panda 4.2 is actually an algorithm refresh and not an algorithm update. For its target users, Google wants to see high quality, rich contents.


Changes to Google Search
As the last update affected search queries as 3 to 5 %, it will affect approximately 2 to 3 percent only. The Changes to search queries are including both positive and negative changes and some returning pages that have been deleted from search in the past. As it is an algorithm refresh, so the signals sent by this deployment have not changed since the last one.

If You Made Corrections to Your Site

Now, you are in luck, if you have made corrections to remove a previous Google penalty from previous Panda updates. This instant Panda filter will find your changes and revise the penalty. Google would see the brunt of the completed changes, if you are in the process of changes and haven’t completed them.

How long is the Rollout?
Google has not cleared that how long this Panda refresh will take other than “months.” The changes will be more difficult to detect because, the deployment is slow.



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