Google Chrome Just got an Upgrade and It’s much Faster and Smoother !

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Google announced the latest version of Chrome includes some upgrades that will improve battery life and cut down on RAM usage. It is also offering the Flash-killing feature, and restoring of device quicker.After months-if not years-of bemoaning over slow speeds and insecure stability, Google announced a bunch of enhancement to Chrome that could develop the lives of millions. The company says the browser will now offer users “a faster and more efficient web.” Well, Google certainly couldn’t make it slower or less efficient. The company said, “Now the browser will offer users “a faster and more adequate web”.
Now, Chrome can detect when the webpage is not busy with some other process and use the free time to clean up old and unused memory. This reduced website memory usage by 10% on average but the effect is even more powerful on complex web apps. We can free up a quarter of the memory used by the tab, with Gmail.

Not only this, but also you will amaze as now your devices will be restored in a shorter and more useful fashion. In June, we first heard about the Flash-killing feature, is now standard on the latest version. So you should enjoy these all by installing the update and noticed the difference in speed immediately.


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