Go with iOS 9- with new amazing features

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may have come to everyone’s attention that there is a fresh new version of iOS
in town. But out from a font change, what’s amazing about this latest edition
of Apple’s mobile OS? To help you direct around iOS 9, we have listed all the features
that it can do that were ahead the capabilities of iOS 8.
access iCloud more easily

iCloud has never been the accessible cloud storage service to absolutely get at
but iOS 9 makes it a some more evident: Go to Settings, iCloud then Drive and
toggle the switch marked Show on the home screen
to provide the icon shortcut.

End battery woes
iOS 9 wants
to comfort your battery life adversity with a low-power mode which can be activated
from the Battery menu inside the Settings option. Now, your battery icon changed
yellow and you get a percent (%) view of the juice that is left.
Abandon poor Wi-Fi connections
This new Wi-Fi feature in iOS9
lets you bounce onto a fast LTE connection if the Wi-Fi connection you are
using is getting slow down. Go to Settings then Cellular and tap on the Wi-Fi aid
toggle the bottom to make use of this feature.
Hide photos
while we are on the topic of photos,
iOS 9 lets you hide more secrete materials from view as well. At the Share
menu, you will find a new Hide option; from where you can hide pictures, though
photos are still visible (can be unhidden through).
Attach any kind of file to an
In the last version Apple’s mobile OS as
iOS 8, the Mail application let you attach only images to outgoing messages.
Now, every type of files are allowed to an email. For that you’ll first go to
iCloud Drive then long press on an email and select Add Attachment.


Get your music faster
Try plugging your headphones in
newly-updated iOS 9, notice anything different???? Your iPhone, or iPad should
show an icon illustrate the music player app you currently used, that you
launch with a tap or a slide upwards.


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