“Radhe” will look soon at the screen in the upcoming film “Tere Naam 2”!!!!

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Salman Khan’s special hairstyle’s film ‘’Tere Naam’ can become a sequel soon. In 2003, Salman Khan and Bhumika Chawla’s this film was super hit at the time. Salman Khan’s hair style was also popular. We all remembered, that time in street to street ‘Radhe bhaiya’ began appearing.

Now the film’s director Satish Kaushik says that they want to make a sequel to this film as ‘Tere Naam 2’ and they will surly do it. Kaushik told PTI that ‘if ever ‘Tere Naam 2’ is made then I will be the first man who will first look at this project’.

Satish said that ‘on Twitter and Facebook, thousands of people are asking me about making this film’. I would like to do so. But I do not know when and how?


“Without Salman ‘Tere Naam 2’ cannot be thought of”, said Satish Kaushik. He said that ‘now Salman is a big star as totally different artist’. Satish also said that ‘his success is beyond everything and to be more than the superstar’.

Satish said that “in 2003, after the film ‘Tere Naam’ Salman’s stardom was significantly increased that’s why I have strong sbelieved that Salman will definitely show his interest inthis sequel”.

Now let see that this film will fulfilling the wishes of Salman and Satish’s fans or not.



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