Kangana has to move around to doors of producers, why?

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In recent times Kangana Ranaut has emerged as the most successful Bollywood actress. Her ambitions are also well known with success. Kangana also want to do writing and directing work of film with acting. She takes their course from abroad.
Now a day there is a full swing discussion in bollywood that Kangana want to redeem her success of acting in also hand writing and film direction. Being told that Kangana has prepared a Skript and looking for the producers for this.
Now producers have believe on Kangana’s acting but the writing and direction are
suspicious. Because Kangana’s this work never came forward. Kangana never hid her ambitions. Sources say that before the success of “Oueen”, Kangna had been prepared to going to direct a movie with a friend. Suddenly she had stopped to acting in Bollywood due to the success in acting. Click here Bubble pedia online for more Entertainment news.


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