Now, Instagram is leading with 400 million users…

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Making Instagram far larger
than Twitter with 100 million more users, the company announced that, Instagram
has more than 400 million users.
The app of photo-sharing has grown speedily over
the past three years, more rapidly than many of its social app rivals,
including Snapchat and Twitter. The Facebook unit has mounted a number of
features and products this year aimed at gaining users to spend more time in
the app.
The company wrote in a blog
post that, more than 75% users of Instagram are outside the United States. And
more than half of the 100 million users living in Asia and Europe with Japan, Brazil,
Indonesia and adding the most users.
Facebook paid for $1 billion in
2012 for Instagram and has been slow to monetize the app.
Rather than a select few, it just
expanded its platform to all advertisers and according to a research firm, eMarketer
it is expected to get $2.8 billion in advertising revenue in 2017.


Facebook now holds many
popular apps, like WhatsApp with 900 million users and its Messenger platform,
now the second-most popular app ever -behind only Facebook -with 700 million


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