A Big change…..!!! Instead of Profile Photo…. Now You Can Upload Profile Video On Facebook

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Social networking site Facebook, gave the new features to its users as making the biggest change. Yes, if you are tired of your Facebook profile picture, then Facebook now has a feature whereby you can put a video as your profile icon.

 Actually, Facebook has released new updates for the mobile version. Many new features are included in the new update. Now, you can decorate your Facebook Profile with more interesting ways, the privacy control is better and easier than before, as well as the profile video can be used as profile icon.
When a Facebook user goes to your profile, then the video will be played automatically.  
7 -second time limit for video
According to the company report, every day there are more than four billion people have seen the Facebook profile.

For the first time Facebook gave a unique feature to its users that lets you also create animated pictures as profile photo. Facebook has decided 7 seconds time limit for the profile video.
Users can also can use its temporary version for some time that will change in old profile picture after a certain time.
For the time being users also can use the temporary version after a certain time in their old profile picture will change.
Facebook said that this feature has been designed by inspired from “Celebrate Pride”. 26 million people had tried Celebrate Pride on their profile.


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