Now, ‘Ad products’ bring Tv advertisers on Facebook

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Multimedia desk. Now, Facebook is going
to provide the social platform for the television advertisers. On Sunday, the
company has presented a slate for new advertising products and most of them
aimed to captivate television advertisers for 1.5 billion social networking users.
Actually, Facebook is trying to
convince advertisers, especially those who use video that their money would be
better spent on mobile platforms rather than TV. Because there are most of the millionaires
are included in Facebook or mobile users, which spend more time on their phones
in place of watching TV.



Most Advertising options, will also be
available at Facebook authorized instagram, which are designed to exploit the
strength of social networks on mobile devices.
Some new products have launched in12th
advertising week in New York City, which will last from Monday to Friday and the
largest advertisers and companies will collect there from around the world. On
Sunday, Facebook also announced that it has total 2.5 million active
According to an analyst firm,
digital video advertising is fast-growing, rose 13 percent by 2019 and nearly
become15 billion dollars. On television, advertisers can buy ads based on how
many people will reach that, while Facebook has the worldwide approach and more
people will reach the ads.
Moreover, it can target a special
type of audience, such as 18 to 35-year-old women, who may have shopped on a
specific website, while it is not possible with the TV.



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