Microsoft Office 2016: New Amazing Features

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Microsoft Office 2016 has not only included new Microsoft
Word, Excel and PowerPoint layouts, but also this new productivity sweet has
several spectacular tricks and features that will make your job easier.
To download Office 2016, you will get access to the tools
that will automatically separate your important and less important emails, by connecting
to your social media accounts can make your weekend plans and can help you to group
activity and trip planning.
There are also a number of new office features for the
business user, which can help them to improve communication, collaboration and


Now we
are introducing 9 new best features that will make your Office 2016 experience
Skype Integration
Microsoft has finally made possible Cloud Document Collaboration
Now you and your partners will be able to edit a Microsoft Word document by sitting far from each other. For this, neither you have to save the document, nor to
Share by e – mail. With Office 2016, you can go directly from Microsoft Word and Outlook to the Skype call.
This means that there is no need to go to another app for video call. You can start chatting by just click on a button and select the chat partner.
Smart Look-Up
Did you know that, now you can also see it in Microsoft Word that you are writing Words correctly or not. And you can extract all the information about any word from the web through the Smart Lookup feature at Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
For this, you will have to highlight a word or phrase and right
click and choose a smart lookup. Then a sidebar will open with search results.
A similar feature exists for Enterprise Office users. The group tasks dashboard can be created through Planner. The managers can assign the projects and track the progress.
Means that, now, you have no need to email your work to your boss, he can directly find your work from your column and it to your partners column.



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