A glimpse of “European immigrant catastrophe”!!

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Europe is in the midst of an odd human exodus. Departing war, fearing for their life and hoping of a better life far from the poverty and disaster of their nations, thousands are grouping to shores of Europe. Only to be approached by governments that cannot agree on how, or if, to welcome them, the refugees and migrants risk their lives in broken boats and crowded lorry containers.Let’s have a look at the countries of Europe such as Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, Luxembourg, Greece and United Kingdom, where people are seeking for refuge-
More than 1000 people shuffled along the side of the Budapest highway outside, carrying their accoutrement and assets.

People in the bunch told that they simply could not wait in Keleti station any more for Europe’s politicians to make decisions so they had decided to set out on foot and they’d walk all the way to Germany if they had to. The Vienna, Austrian capital, is about 250 kilo-meters (155 miles) from Budapest. Police have not stopped the large group from walking but have tried to armour them from traffic. Some Hungarian citizens have brought out food and water to those passing.

Spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said, ‘100 buses have sent by the government to transport the people walking along the road as well as people at Budapest’s main train station, to Austria’. Four buses arrived today and picked up people walking along the highway. The migrants entered in buses near Herceghalom, 30 kilo-meters west of Budapest. All the buses were directed toward the Austrian border.



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