The Most Controversial Statements by Kangana… Find Out…!!!

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There is the news in B’town, which rises up like fire flames, then is extinguished, but again it rises up. This is the news of flop Katti Batti, for which Kangana is blaming for Salman Khan. Although Kangana Ranaut has said several times in an interview that she read the script, liked that and then she signed. But resources told that due to Salman said Kangana did this film and she could not say NO to do this film.
Now the question is that who is the third between Salman and Kangana that can create so much misunderstanding between both of them?? But Salman had an overwhelming reaction on this.

It seems true, Because in the past, she had given several statements to which inadvertently fell quite heavily on their image-
11 million is not too much
By talking about her fees she said that, “When I am alone can run the film, then So why not take the higher fees as the heroes take???”.
I don’t take Small Roles
Well, she did not like the role of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, so she did not that. But after signing the film by Kareena, it was wrong to say that I do not make films where she has very small part of the role.

Target on Deepika 
Deepika Padukone has recently dedicated her award to Kangana and for which she called the press and said openly that, “when Deepika did not wish me even by phone then what meant to do this??
Queen’s dialogues
She shuffled a few dialogues for Queen and she asked for her credit in the film, then it was given to her. 
Direction with Vishal Bhardwaj
Now, Kangana wants the credit as a Co-director of Vishal Bhardwaj's film “Rangoon”, which was too high.

The statement for her white complexion 
Recently she has declined to add fairness cream. And it was quite good because, she said, “I can’t cheat my fans”.


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