‘SCS card’ being used by India to put pressure on China !

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BEIJING: China said that despite the objections of China, India is playing card of South China Sea (SCS) by continuing oil exploration near the coast of Vietnam. It is a well planned political move aimed at China for the ‘agreement’ of border issue and the pressure to break relations with Pakistan.

Wang Dehua, director of the Shanghai Municipal Centre for International Studies, wrote in an article, published in the Global Times that China should not be played down over India’s role in the South China Sea. Instead of this, China should prepare India to work together.

The article said that oil exploration in ‘Disputed waters’ by India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is the idea of New Delhi and this is an attempt to play the card of SCS against the China. Wrote in the article, “India’s brain has its own geopolitical interest. India wants to bind the China for the South China Sea issue and for the issues of relations with Pakistan”.

It said that China has officially lodged protests more than once against such moves because it is not the first time when India has explored oil in that area which is claimed by China .



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