iPhone 6s launch live: Apple to unveil new iPhones and Apple TV

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Apple is only hours away from unveiling the next generation of the biggest-selling phone of the smartphone era.For this year’s September launch, the company has hired an even bigger auditorium than before, suggesting CEO Tim Cook and his team have a lot to say and to share.

Apple is expected to unveil its IPhone 6 and 6s Plus, as well as an updated version of its Apple Tv Set-up box in San Francisco today.

The time around a 6S and (6S+) could be published.

They will have better insides:good battery life, faster processor and so on. There also may be realizing of a new type of screen discovered for the Apple watch, which offer different strengths of touch.

The usual tap will be added to harder press and drag, which will boost a new level of functionality to apps. The IPad could see both improvements and a new larger model will be disclosed, perhaps with an “IPad Pro” by name.

This will have a larger display, with 4k and would be able to interact with the latest iteration of the IOS9 mobile operating system. It will allowed the user to work on two apps at once, or have one workspace slide over another.



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